The concept of these shelves is closely related to the design of the coffee table MOVED.
Each shelf segment is independent of the other segments.
They consist of two shapes, both of which are of the same dimensions but with different direction of the position on the wall.
One shelf segment is beveled to the left side and the other to the right.
The corners of lateral sides follow this bevel so their angle is not 90 degrees but changes in accordance with the angle of the shelf bevel.
By positioning the segments next to each other and in the same direction, the effect of standard shelf is achieved.
Positioning them alternately, i.e. first left and then right segment, results in a playful arrangement with intermittent load-carrying boxes.
They can be arranged in different directions, both horizontally and vertically.
It is also envisaged for a single segment to be fixed on the wall and serve as a console or table.
They can be made of various types of solid wood or other materials.


H 33cm  

W 30cm

D  26cm

They are handmade from medium-density fiberboard painted in matte white color.

Photos by Vladimir Popovic

Shelves  participated in


 the Annual exhibition of

the Design section of ULUPUDS, 2017, Belgrade