collection CHANDELIER 2014

The collection consists of 15 chandeliers. They are all hand-made from a white powder-coated metal construction covered with cotton and viscose fabric that comes either in white or champagne color. The glass beads are manually threaded on a plastic thread always forming a unique composition. Cleaning and maintenance are easy and require hand-wash in lukewarm water. Each chandelier has its own label indicating the model number: No1, No2, No 3,…No 15.

By their size, chandeliers are divided into three groups:

I group: No1, No2, No3, No4, No5 and No6. Their shape and position of the bulb make them very suitable for the area of the dining room table. The light is focused on the table while the surrounding area is dimly lit thus creating an atmosphere that is very pleasant for the eyes.

II group: No10, No11, No12, No13, No14 and No15. They suit any type of space and several can be grouped in one area.

III group: No7, No8 and No9-suit any type of space.

The concept of the collection ,,CHANDELIER,, initially inspired by the shape of a snowdrop flower evolved into new shapes of chandeliers that were my own creation of flowers.

In 2014, the collection was exhibited at the gallery Otklon, Begrade. The entire collection was bought by Ms Madlena Zepter.

Now adorn the interior of the restaurant Vrelo, Perućac, Serbia

foto galery

Restoran VRELO Perućac