The intention was to design a light object with sculptural, mobile form, changing with turning on the light within it. I pictured a round shape rotating clockwise, which could open and close, as a simulation of day and night. To emphasize the effect, I turned the circle into a octagonal shape which is repeating i.e. reducing in size toward its inner side. The first segment is immovable; the next rotates to a maximum of 60 degrees from the fixed one. The third, inner one also rotates to a maximum of 60 degrees from the second segment. When all the segments are aligned, they are all in the same plane, with a small distance between each segment. Those distances are very conspicuous when the light is on and they create the impression of dynamics and awakening. With rotation of the second segment the light starts to spread and illuminates one side of the object. With rotation of the third one we get the same impression, and the light within, as well as around the object, becomes brighter. LED strip lights are placed inside each of the segment so the light is more subdued, while at the same time LED strip lights become less visible and loses dotted light structure. I also wanted to control the direction of the light, and achieve the light play within the object and around it. The material is neutral white wood, to achieve the clear effect of light. It is possible to use some other material, transparent or in colour. Also there is a possibility of adjusting the the light intensity, which produces a variety of different effects. The installation and the mechanism are invisible. They are placed inside the object and in the base, so that the object has a pure sculptural form.


H  72 cm W 60 cm D   20 cm

MDF- medium-density fiberboard painted in matte white color

All hand made

Photos by Vladimir Popović

It participated in the 2015 ARTZEPT International Lighting Design Competition

It can be found on the website with other works, www.artzept.com