The border between two sides of the world, illuminate one, the other or both – it is up to you!
The Lamp East West consists of wooden pole in the in the form of an equilateral triangle placed in a metal stand.
The pole is the dividing line – one side is always facing us, while in the background there is a mystic game of light that comes from the other sides of the triangle.

How it works:

When one turns the light on the left side of the lamp, only that side is illuminated, while the right side remains in the total darkness and the other way around: turning the light on the right side leaves the opposite side in the dark.

The third option is to light up both sides simultaneously, leaving the wooden pole completely in the dark.

The lamp is dimmable: the light intensity can be adjusted from the weakest to the strongest, regardless of the fact that one side of the lamp is turned on, or both.

When the light completely disappears in front of us, a warm, simple and clean form of wood remains. With its elegant shape the lamp occupies very little space and fits easily into different types of interiors.


height of the lamp 135cm,

width of one side of the triangle 11cm

height of the metal base 20cm, width 25cm

Material: American black walnut wood and metal base coated in black matte color

The lamp is  Dimmable, LED stripe, LED strip controller, remote control, wall-mounted adaptor


The lamp is handmade 

 Design 2018   

 Photos by Vladimir Popovic