Lighting object – TUBALL  2015

A variety of flexible materials can be wound in a tangle of hoses, in different shapes, sizes and colours. LED strip light itself has a quality of pliability, which inspired me to create a flexible, irregular shape and place Led strip light inside. With its curved position it creates different specter of colours, i.e. nuances. The material, a plastic hose is chosen with respect to LED strip light, a flexible object with high transmissivity of light, in warm, orange colour. It is possible to use other colours of hoses. The sole corrugated structure of a hose enables a light play, brings the object into life and creates the impression of dynamics and motion. I wanted to achieve a simulation of the movement of the object, which is further aided by the light. We have a feeling that that the hose rolls, hits the wall, goes through it and winds around it creating a tangle of hoses. The position of the hose can be changed. Every single model offers a possibility of producing a variety of different patterns of coil.

Dimensions: H 38cm   W 41cm  D 30cm

Material : plexiglass, plastic hose, LED strip, power supply

The lamp is completely handmade in a limited edition of 50 pieces

Photos by Vladimir Popovic

Work participated in the Design Award Artzept 2015 international competition held in Milan and dubbed – LET US ILLUMINATE THE WORLD. Can be found on the website with other works,

,,PREKO CRTE,, the  Annual exhibition of  ULUPUDS, 2017, Belgrade