work lamp VIEW 2017

By its proportions, this lamp is suitable for all types of interior. Wooden sphere made of solid wood stands on a metal tubing and the base. The sphere can be moved up and down on the metal tubing  it stands on. The lamp has a high lightening capacity and is therefore suitable for lighting  desks or for reading. When the light is directed towards a wall or ceiling, a pleasant ambient light is achieved. The sphere is made from various types of solid wood and oiled for protection.

Dimensions:  lamp H  56cm, metal base H 2.5cm W 16cm

Diameter of wooden sphere ranges from 11cm to 12cm

Material: American black walnut, metal tubing, base and joint.

The whole lamp is handmade.

Photos by Vladimir Popovic

The lamp  participated in

Balkan Architectural Biennale 2017″ Belgrade

,,TRAJANJE,, the  Annual exhibition of  ULUPUDS, 2018, Belgrade

Work participated in the Design Award Artzept 2018 international competition held in Milan, Italy and dubbed – ANYTHING CAN GLOW.

It can be found on the website with other