wall lamp SPIRAL II 2016

I pictured a light object on a wall, fixed and slightly protruding, in the colour of the wall, like a relief on the wall. With the light on, everything changes; it becomes a light object with a possibility of adjusting the light intensity, which changes the impression completely, from the delicate, magic appearance, to the sharp and prominent form. It was important to hold the light within the form itself, and not to have it spread behind it, on the wall. I was of the view that the form must be the simplest possible so that the light could create different and more complex impression.

My choice was the form of a spiral stylized in a rectangle shape, which is open at the end, so that the object could be enlarged and placed over the whole wall. Therefore, it is possible to change the size and make a composition of several spirals placed at the different corners of the wall. Another composition could be achieved with the brightness of the light within each spiral. The idea was the simplest shape of a three-sided, wooden, white profile with a LED strip light placed inside it, which is not visible, so that it creates effect of radiating light from the profile itself. The spiral has wall backings which create the shadow on the wall, giving an illusion of one more dimension. The main point from the start was to create the greatest possible light play with the simplest possible shape of the object.



H 120cm

W 66 cm

D 8 cm

Material : MDF- medium density fiberbroad coloured in matt white

LED strip, power supply, dimmer

The lamp is completely handmade

in a limited edition of 50 pieces

Photos by Vladimir Popovic, Lucija Tomicic