lamp DIRECTION A 2016

Colection SPIRAL  2015

The collection consists of wall, floor and table luminaries.

By bending the spiral form at right angles a frame is created to accommodate LED strip. In this way the light is confined to the spiral form itself i.e. it comes out of it into the surrounding space. The light normally spreads from its source as far away as the power of the source allows. All luminaries have a dimmer that allows the change of brightness. When the dimmer is set to a maximum brightness, the front of the luminary turns black and when the light is less bright it turns grey. The front side remains in the shade thus creating the effect of changing shades, from light grey to black. The collection spiral is only made in white color.

Lighting object DIRECTION A 2016



H  51cm

W 51cm

D 7cm


Material: MDF- medium density fiberbroad painted in matte white colour

LED strip, power supply, dimmer

All handmade

Photos by Vladimir Popovic