table lamp VIEW 2017

The table lamp The View is a free wooden sphere that can be placed on a glass or metal base… it can be held in hand while the light is on. With its size and pleasant appearance of noble wood it can be embedded in many places in the apartment, e.g. on a shelf, table, commode, etc.

Direction of light beam is set by turning the sphere in the desired direction.

The sphere is made from solid walnut or other noble wood and superficially treated with oil for protection.


Diameter  of wooden  sphere ranges from 11cm to 12cm

Material: American black walnut

The whole lamp is handmade.

Photos by Vladimir Popovic

The lamp  participated in  “SALON U OKTOBRU” 2017, The ULUS and ULUPUDS (Serbian Association of Artists and Designers) members’ exhibition in Belgrade

Balkan Architectural Biennale 2017″  Belgrade

,,TRAJANJE,, the  Annual exhibition of  ULUPUDS, 2018, Belgrade

Work participated in the Design Award Artzept 2018 international competition held in Milan, Italy and dubbed- ANYTHING CAN GLOW.

SPECIAL MENTIONS WAS AWARDED by the Jury to the table lamp View