Born in 1967 in Fojnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She completed the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Sarajevo, Department of Applied Painting.

Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo 1991, Department of Product Design, in the class of professor architect Zlatko Ugljen.

She enrolled postgraduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. She was employed in the  Sport Form in Fojnica.

She went to Belgrade in 1992, where she still lives and works as a free artist. She is a member of the ULUPUDS (Association of Artists of Applied Artists and Designers of Serbia). She was engaged in interior design and graceful design. She preoccupied the design of individual pieces of furniture: table, chairs, shelves, chandeliers, lamps, etc.

1988 – Solo exhibition of aquarelle paintings in Zvono art gallery, Sarajevo.

1989 – Solo exhibition “Reminiscence” in Youth Center, Sarajevo.

1990 – Solo exhibition in Red art gallery, Sarajevo.

1991 – Solo exhibition in Zvono art gallery, Sarajevo

2014 – Solo exhibition of chandeliers “Luster” at the art gallery Otklon, Belgrade. It is a series of fifteen models of chandeliers (No 1 – No 15). She also designed a logotype of “Luster” chandeliers.

2015-She participated in the Design Award Artzept 2015 international competition held in Milan, Italy and dubbed-LET US ILLUMINATE THE WORLD.

2018-She participated in the Design Award Artzept 2018 international competition held in Milan,Italy and dubbed-ANYTHING CAN GLOW.

SPECIAL MENTIONS WAS AWARDED by the Jury to the table lamp View

She participated in various group exhibitions throughout Serbia.

CASAVIVA magazine october 2017

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